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Self catering holidays


A self catering holiday is where you rent a cottage but no meals are provided. It is the equivalent to 'Room Only' in hotels.

There are many advantages in booking accommodation only.
  • You can buy in food and drink that you know you like. Drinks and snacks are always on hand for the children so that you don't have to pay each time they want a drink or snack.
  • You can prepare your own picnics and sandwiches for trips out.
  • There is no corkage on wine that your drink with meals and you can have your wine store.
  • Anyone with dietary concerns can have total control over ingredients. This is especially important for coeliacs or people with other food intolerances.
  • Meal times can be flexible, you are not tied to fixed times for dinner or lunch.
  • Meals can be informal if a BBQ is provided.
  • If you don't feel like cooking, you can always go out to eat.
  • The amount of space in a holiday cottage beats hotel rooms hands down and are the best option for families with young children who do not like to be confined.
  • You can feel as relaxed as you would be in your own home.
  • Towels and bed linen are usually provided so that you don't have to bring these.
  • Cots, high chairs and other baby equipment is also often provided.


Self catering holidays are very good value and offer you freedom.

It is important to check the details and come prepared for an 'empty house'. The better cottage owners provide basic essentials such as toilet paper, spices, cooking oil and other kitchen basics.

A group or collection of farm cottage means that there are likely to be several other children around for your children to make friends with.

Self-catering cottages in the country

A country holiday is a popular choice in the UK and many other countries. The greenery of the countryside, gentle walks and rural scenery are conducive to relaxation and pleasure. People on holiday in a rented country cottage have an attractive quality place to stay from which they can travel and enjoy themselves in sightseeing, days by the sea, sailing, fishing or any othe rpersonal interest.


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