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A holiday in the countryside is the ideal opportunity for nature trails.

Take the children for walks and explain the things you see as you go; why there are cattle grids in the countryside, why the farmer grows crops and keeps cattle.

Quiet farm roads and country lanes provide plenty of things to observe. See if you can spot different types of birds and their nests, small rodents and foxes. Identify passing animals by their droppings, let them know what a 'cow pat', is. Your children will have acquired a much wider vocabulary by the end of their farm holiday and nature treks.

Children like to know and understand what the various bits of equipment are for on a farm. You are likely to see barns, silos, tractors, irrigation equipment, trailers, cattle trucks, horse boxes and a lot more depending on the farm you visit and pass on your travels.

nature trekAll this farming information naturally leads on to food production, how cheese and butter is made, flor milling and so on. A farm holiday or walks in the countryside can open up a window on a whole new world for your children.

It is even better if you can go on holiday prepared with spotting sheets so they can tick off different types of plants, butterflies, trees, birds and common wild flowers. You may even broaden your own horizons.

Remember to bring wellington boots and suitable clothing for your farm holiday. Farm tracks can be rutted and muddy.

Book a self catering holiday on a farm and enjoy a good value and educational holiday that won't break the bank.



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