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holidays on a farm

Holiday cottages on a farm


The number of holiday cottages on a farm varies greatly. Many farmers have converted old granaries, pig stys and stable blocks into holiday cottages in order to reduce the amount of real farming they do and increase their revenue.

You are likely to find that the cottages are often named after the buildings they were converted from. There is an extraordinary number of holiday cottages called 'the Granary'.

Some farms have gone over entirely to the holiday cottage business so that you may find that there is a large group of cottages and frequently very good leisure facilities including a swimming pool and hot tub. The cottages are sited in the countryside so that you still have the benefit of fresh air and country walks.

A farm holiday is avery pleasant experience. The actual amenities at each location varies greatly and depend very much on each individual farmer's imagination and wealth. It is possible to find the whole range from a single simple farm cottage to a large cottage complex with numerous facilities for children.

Some of the activities on offer during your farm holidays may be a pet's corner, nature trail, feeding the ducks and donkey rides.

It really is a case of trawling through the different farm holidays to identify the best one for you. Some of the links on the bottom of the page may help to narrow down your search.



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