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Farm holidays in self catering cottages


A holiday where you stay in a self catering cottage or farmhouse on a farm is ideal if you would like a simple holiday in the UK or Ireland that allows you to enjoy rural bliss for a while and relax.

There are so many absolutely stunning rural areas in the UK and Ireland to explore. So many people do not know or appreciate their own country and a farm holiday provides exactly that opportunity.

Take a look at farmhouses and cottages via the button below to see the good range of accommodation to rent for your farm break.

farm holidays in self catering cottages

Get out and about during your holiday and explore the countryside, woods and coast around them. The cottage owners will gladly let you know the best places for scenic walks and beautiful views.

Self catering holidays are an informal way of having a holiday with lots of additional benefits. You can make yourself completely at home, you have the advantage of lots of space in your self catering farm cottage, usually a garden and are not tied to any fixed meal times. Choose a farm cottage with a BBQ and you can enjoy burgers, steaks and kebabs sizzling on the grill.

Town dwellers appreciate being out in the country and the fresh air. Dust down the 'wellies' and plan that country break.

Read more about self catering holidays and why they are such good value for families.



Farm holidays in self catering cottages


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