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Farm Holidays in Ireland


There is nothing more relaxing than a farm holiday in Ireland.

Apart from daily life on the farm, nothing much happens to destroy your equilibrium. Begin the morning with a lie in and enjoy that feeling of not having to get up for anything, followed by a leisuredly breakfast.

Take a walk around the farm to survey your holiday domain and make friends with the horses in the field, the cows and farm dog.

Your days could be filled with gentle walks, a chat with the locals as you shop for provisions in the town or village. The Irish always have time to spare for visitors, a joke or two to share.

farm holidays in ireland

You might wish to have a round of golf or two, try some horse riding or quad biking. Or, perhaps fishing a quiet river is more your scene?

Your Irish hosts will give you a grand welcome and help you settle in.

finding out about life on a farmFarm holidays in Ireland are not only for people seeking peace tranqillity but also for families who would like to introduce their children to life on a farm and let them know where their food comes from.

Children are usually of a fair age before they begin to equate roast beef with the cow in the field, or chicken with the feathery bird scratching around in the dust.

Before you know it, you will be asked as they point to a sausage ion their plate, 'and which animal am I eating now mummy?'

With a little luck and careful choice you may be able to learn a little about the different breeds of animals on the farm, be quite precise, and reply 'Gloucestershire Old Spot pig'.

Irish organic meats

Stay on an organic farm and tasty high quality sausages, chops and bacon could be available on your doorstep.

Find lots of lovely places stay on a farm in Ireland; cottages, farmhouses, log cabins and apartments. Click on the following link to find out what a holiday on an Irish farm can offer you:


Farm holidays in self catering cottages


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