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The excitement of seeing a herd of deer

deer rutting in Ashridge Forest Hertfordshire

I was out walking in Ashridge Forest near Tring in Hertfordshire this weekend and was amazed to see so many deer. We heard them before we could see them because two bucks were clashing antlers and making such a racket that it could be heard for quite a distance. I attempted to get nearer to them although the guidance is to steer clear. My daughter was urging me to back off but the desire for a better photograph was greater.  It was most disappointing when the deer noticed me and decided that to potpone the battle for supremacy until later.

Conditions have been so good for deer in recent years that there is talk of a cull.  We spotted an entire herd crossing the road a little further on. It was quite exciting, I would urge people to go out into forests and woodlands to spot animals. Now that the leaves have virtually all fallen, animals are much more visible.

There were still numerous squirrels around, foraging among the leaves. Autumn in 2011 has been long and drawn out, the milder weather suiting walkers. The bare trees have revealed a good number of dense spheres of mistletoe which bodes well for Christmas.