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Bird watching on cottage breaks

At this time of year, what kinds of birds can be spotted whilst enjoying a cottage holiday?  If you are enjoying a stay on a farm you may see plenty of chickens and cockerels and may even get a fresh supply of eggs during your holiday.  The type of birds you will be able to look out for and potentially spot very much depends on where you are holidaying.  Around the Chiltern Hills and in various parts of Oxfordshire you can look out for Red Kites that have successfully been reintroduced to the area.  Whereas in the North of Scotland in the Scottish Highlands you may see golden eagles gracing the sky and in the Isle of Skye you may spot sea eagles that have been reintroduced here.  If you are visiting the Norfolk Broads or other wetland areas you may be lucky enough to spot various birds that flourish in those environments and may even catch sight of woodpeckers.  Pheasants can vcry often be spotted in England in rustic settings such as farmers fields.  In many gardens in the UK you can look out for wood pigeons, finches and sparrows.  Green finches and Gold finches are particularly pretty little birds and can be a pleasure to spot.

Bird watching can be such fun

Enjoy bird watching on your cottage holiday














If you want to enjoy some birdwatching whilst on your self catering holiday, the best places can be in your garden, in the surrounds of the farm when on a farmstay and deep in the countryside.