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Wild flowers guide?

When on a cottage break or simply when enjoying the great British countryside do you ever wonder what certain flowers are?  This weekend I stumbled across some incredibly pretty wild flowers when taking a walk around our local nature reserve.  Many of us are familiar with the names of flowers such as daffodils, tulips, roses, pansies and magnolias but stumble when it comes to Britain’s wild flowers.

Considered by some as weeds, and by others as quite beautiful, there are some stunning wild flowers that you can find growing  in Britain.  Various varieties of poppies can be found growing wild.  Buttercups and daisies are firm favourites when it comes to wild flowers.  Many are aware that heather can be found growing naturally untamed in Scotland but did you know that heather can also be found growing freely in England but mostly in moorland areas?  The other flower I stumbled across this weekend was a yellow flower with wide green leaves.  I will post a photo shortly and welcome feedback and help with identifying this beautiful wild flowering plant.

There are many naturally beautiful places to discover in the UK and Ireland when taking a rural country cottages break but may also be many within easy travelling distance of where you live.  Look up the website of your local wildlife trust for more information and to see if there is a nature reserve nearby you that you can easily visit.

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